Marathon update

After talking with the person who gave me the challenge, I have some stuff to get before I can start training. One is running shoes. I don’t have any good running shoes. I’m gonna have to find a running store in the area and get some shoes. It was also recommended I get compression sleeves for my calves.

It’s looking like my first half marathon is going to be in October. This gives me plenty of time to get into running shape, run a few 5K’s and 10K’s before the half marathon in October. The full marathon I’m going to try and run is in Jan 2015. I have my half marathon and marathon dates, it’s time to start training.


2 thoughts on “Marathon update

  1. Rock On. Here’s a few tips you can take care of right now. If your races are more than half an hour away, I recommend getting a hotel. Use google maps and find something no more than a mile away from either the start or finish line. Sometimes they are the same. If they are not, most races will offer bus rides from the end point to the start line. Always Always Always ask for late checkout. If it’s a big race, hotels will always fill up, so act early. You can always cancel if something comes up.

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