Be What You Want To Be

When I was in the Air Force, I had the privilege of seeing “The Senior Enlisted Adviser To The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff” Command Sergeant Major Gainey. Something he mentioned in his speech has stuck with me since I heard it back in 2007. He said when making a decision about something, which includes being who you want to be, he said to ask yourself these five questions and if you can answer “No” to these five questions, then go for it. Here are those five questions:

1) Is it illegal?
2) Is it immoral?3) Will it hurt you?
4) Will it hurt someone else?
5) Will it bring disgrace to your name or the uniform?

Just something to think about when wanting to try something new or becoming what you want to become. The attached video is something who has done that. The video is a bit silly but this gentleman decided to be what he wanted to be.


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