Road trip

This past Thursday, my family and I went on a mini vacation to surprise my grandmother at our family reunion and it turned into a 1482.4 mile whirlwind of an adventure. On Thursday, we drove to Navarre Beach, Florida which is on the Gulf of Mexico in between Pensacola and Panama City Beach. The hotel was excellent. The view of the water was spectacular. We will be staying there again for a weekend. We left Friday morning to get to my mom’s house south of Atlanta. We took mostly backroads, so we saw some beautiful country I”ve never seen before in my home state. When we got to my mom’s, we found out my brother and dad were going to stay with us. My brother got to play around with his nieces, which was cool. We got up on Saturday and drove to the reunion. We did surprise a bunch of people which was really cool. The visit was really nice. I love surprising people. When we left the reunion, we drove to Gulfport Mississippi a different way than we usually go. We got to see a storm form up north of Meridian Mississippi. The drive was long but fun. We got to Gulfport kinda late. We were able to find a hotel, eventually crashed after processing some pictures. We got up Sunday morning, had breakfast and headed for the beach. I was able to get some timelapses done. We got to see a pod of dolphins which made the trip the Gulfport that much better. We drove to my wife’s grandmother’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day with her. After visiting with her, we drove home.

The time spent in the car was long but worth it. I’m looking forward to our next driving adventure to see where that is going to take us.


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