Vertigo sucks – a rant

The title says it all. A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with a bout of vertigo and it sucked. I thought I was dreaming about it but it wasn’t a dream. I woke up to a world spinning around. It made for a very interesting and difficult day. It dealt with slight residuals for a few days after, some dizzy spells, nothing I couldn’t really handle.

We got back from our mini vacation on Sunday. Monday morning, I had a really bad bout with the vertigo to include nausea. My head would spin and so would my stomach. I camped out in the bathroom all day so I could be close to the toilet just in case I had to vomit. After getting some Dramamine, it helped me sleep through the night but I’m still fighting dizzy spells every once in a while. After driving almost 1500 miles from Thursday to Sunday and camping out in the bathroom (sleeping on a hard floor all day Monday), my lower back is not very happy with me. Yesterday, I could hardly move. Today is a bit better (thanks to my wife for the massage) but I’m still sore.

I’ll be glad when this is done. I have to move slower than normal. I also have to be careful how I move my head around or I get dizzy.

OK…rant over.


2 thoughts on “Vertigo sucks – a rant

  1. I had this for 2-3 week last month before my vacation and I was worried. But thankfully my doctor prescribed me some medicines which were very helpful and I could enjoy my vacation without any problems. Now that I have stopped it, I am OK. But at least I know which medicine to take in case I get it again.

    Get well.

    • Thanks KG. Part of it is not sleeping well I believe. If I get another bout like I did Monday, I will be going to the doctor to get meds to hopefully fix it.

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